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What is Capacitive Touch Screen ?
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What is Capacitive Touch Screen ?

Capacitive touch screen can be simply regarded as composed of four layers of composite screen screen: the outer layer is glass protection layer, then the conductive layer  , the third layer is not conductive glass screen, the fourth layer is a conductive layer.
The conductive layer is a shielding layer, play a role in shielding the internal electrical signal, the middle conductive layer is the key part of the touch screen, four corners or four sides have direct lead, responsible for touch point detection.
Capacitive touch screen structure : glass panel plated with a layer of transparent film layer, and put a protective glass on the conductor layer, double glass design can completely protect the conductor layer and inductor, and higher transmittance, can also better support multi touch performance . The capacitive touch screen is coated with a long and narrow electrode on the four sides of the touch screen, and a low voltage AC electric field is formed in the conductive body.
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