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Five wires resistive touch screen
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Five wires resistive touch screen , base film : the two direction voltage field by a precision resistor network is added on the conductive surface of the glass .

We can simply understood as two direction voltage field works on a working surface, and the outer layer of nickel metal conductive layer only work as pure conductor ,  detect inner ITO by contacting point X axis and the Y axis voltage value , then measured touch point position.

Five wires resistive touch screen inner ITO need 4 leads, another 1 lead :the outer layer only as a conductor, so the touch screen has a total of 5 leads.


High resolution, high speed transfer reaction. High surface hardness, then reduce scratch, chemical treatment.

At the same time lifetime more 30 million touch . Conductive glass as substrate medium. One time correction, high stability .

Shortcomings :

Five wires resistive touch screen with high price and high environmental requirements

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