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How to protect your cellphone ?
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How to protect your cellphone ?


With long time usage of touch screen phone, do you know how to effectively protect the mobile phone ? 

With the resistance screen phone has gradually been eliminated, instead of more and more capacitive screen cellphone are wildly usage now . So how to protect the life pan of your capacitive screen cellphone?

You should know these :

1. Electrostatic

Electrostatic , this extremely unstable factor, it is easy to breakdown capacitive screen . Although the current screen surface will add a layer of anti static treatment, but does not mean that it can withstand the human body static electricity caused by the instant voltage. And there are a lot of people like to paste an inferior screen protective film which can easily produce electrostatic, but also increased the probability of occurrence of static electricity.

2. Oil, sweat and other conductive media

The dirt and sweat conductive medium formed a conductive layer on the screen, then caused the drift. So usually we should be dry our hands after wash hands or hands sweating,then use the phone , also not bring phone into the bath room.

3 . High temperature

Here "high" temperature is not on fire , it is up to a temperature of 40 degrees, it may cause the capacitive screen drift and not work well .

For a long time at this temperature, the capacitive screen will kick the bucket, not sunbathing, do not use for a long time under the hot sun, long time playing games will cause the phone to high temperature. If it is high temperature, the best way is make it cool .

4. Magnetic field

Put a small magnet on the screen, will find a temporary failure of the capacitive screen soon, a long time will cause permanent failure. So try to avoid close contact with phone and speakers or other magnetic items . For example, back to the home do not put the phone on the speakers .

5. Unstable voltage

The working principle of capacitive screen is that when the fingers touch capacitive screen will take on the current around the screen, four corners of the screen will delivery current to fill to the position of the finger pressing, and for this to confirm the position, so in case of instability transmission voltage , drift this unstable effect will appear, so try to avoid the battery consumption of less than 20% .

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