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Transparent screen will become the mainstream?
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Transparent screen will become the mainstream? 


Most people think: "it's cool."! I want it !"

For supporters, the good news is that the transparent screen phones and tablet PCs is feasible, and the bad news is that such a transparent screen is not necessary. Japanese operator DoCoMo NTT and Fujitsu had previously developed a multi touch mobile phone, the prototype touch screen can be operated in both positive and negative.

The real transparent screen mobile phone may be available in the next few years, but never become mainstream. For users, the display quality is very important. Mobile phone and tablet PC makers are working to optimize display quality. Apple said its retina display is the best product in the industry. Some evaluation staff, said Samsung mobile phone's display quality is better than iPhone, or at least equivalent, but the size of the screen is more larger .

No matter what the display is , the image quality is required for the definition: black is black, white is white, the color should be very bright. If you can see the other side through the screen panel, then the image quality will be affected, even if such a display can reach the resolution of the traditional display.

If the common high resolution display is replaced by a high resolution transparent display, then the image quality is no doubt a serious decline.

On the transparent screen, the design of the battery is another problem. Due to the need to extend the battery life, the current battery has become increasingly large, and in the smart phone and tablet PCs occupy a large part of the space. So in this case, the transparent screen does not make much sense. If the manufacturer wants to provide a transparent screen, it is necessary to reduce the size of the battery, it is placed in the top of the device or the bottom of the limited space. Such a battery may not be able to provide a longer battery life.

Most users will not be willing to sacrifice the quality of the image and battery life in exchange for a transparent display.

Transparent screen technology is coming, but not used in mobile phones and tablet PCs. This technology will not make the current computer become transparent, but it can make a number of transparent objects, such as the office, car and home window glass, into a computer display.

Transparent screen technology can also be used in wearable devices, such as glasses, goggles and underwater breathing apparatus, to provide a realistic enhancements. These areas of innovation are exciting, and the original scene in science fiction will soon become a reality.

However, mobile phones and tablet PCs are unlikely to use a transparent screen. Although the concept of image and video is very attractive, but the actual use of this screen of mobile devices is not the case.
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