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iPhone 8 with 3D glass?
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iPhone 8 with breaking news . Reportedly due next year is the 10 anniversary of the iPhone, so Apple intends to make a major change in the cellphone body material: the iPhone is not of metal body, instead of 3D glass material. And the shell suppliers have been identified, including Bourne optics, Lens technology, Foxconn. Although the authenticity of the news to be verified, but since it comes to the body material, make me want to talk about the changes in the material of the phone shell. From the most common ABS plastic to 3D glass, what is the most ideal mobile phone material?

Plastic era - ABS& polycarbonate

In many years ago, the functional machine era, we used the phone is the vast majority of ABS material. The ABS full name is called the propylene fat - butadiene - styrene copolymer, is one kind of relatively inexpensive plastic. It is characterized by large output, low flammable, and more wear-resistant. For mobile phone shell, it is relatively easy to process, but also easy to do some similar surface treatment of electroplating. So this is the most common material in the functional machine era ( Nokia /MOTOROLA )

Although this material is cheap, but the shortcomings are obvious, is of poor corrosion resistance. Although it is wear-resistant, it is easy to paint off . And because of its low flammable characteristics, to ensure the strength of the body, it is necessary to sacrifice a certain thickness. So there is fewer light machine function, 20MM thickness shell is a common case  .

The next polycarbonate will be on the stage. It also belongs to engineering plastics, the strength is higher and the scope of application is wider. Because this kind of material can be free dyeing, so the cellphone with polycarbonate material shell can become Ambilight cellphone. The most outstanding representatives are NOKIA N9 and iPhone 5C. Integral injection moulding from polycarbonate, let N9 have a feeling like nature itself. The colorful iPhone 5C use polycarbonate traits more incisive.

Although Polycarbonate has a long-term development relative to ABS, but the plastic material can not get rid of the characteristics of cheap. Although it looks beautiful, but the plastic material not with good feeling at handle and not good smell . After  mid-priced cellphone are using metal materials, polycarbonate will gradually away from the people's vision.

Aluminum alloy & stainless steel

Since the strength of plastic is not enough, manufacturers are the first to think of metal. Aluminum alloy is one of the most widely used in industry. Adding metal materials in the phone can not only enhance the overall texture, but also further improve the wear resistance. In fact, as early as the functional machine era, there are some phone manufacturers try to use aluminum alloy as material, but most of Aluminum alloy materials are concentrated in the keyboard area or the back cover of cellphone , almost no one full Aluminum alloy cellphone. This is because the metal shielding, to a certain extent, will affect the signal strength of the phone.

Although the aluminum alloy is more flexible, but it is difficult to make an integral body. Because to consider the issue of mobile phone radio frequency signals, so many manufacturers are beginning to use the metal frame to increase the strength of the body, but the shell with glass or plastic. Later, apple thanks to Unibody technology, so that iPhone 5 is finally close to the body, but still with glass ceramics at the upper and bottom ends .

Glass age - from iPhone 4 to edge S7

If from the exterior, iPhone 4 is definitely the most classic mobile phone of apple fans. Stainless steel frame with double glass body, makes the iPhone 4 design is simple and tough, has become a classic model .

Glass compared to the metal, the advantage is that it does not affect the signal. And thanks to good permeability characteristics, the glass body of the phone is generally high value. Of course, there is one thing do not forget, the phone is a penny stock. Although it is the use of glass body, but some of the phone feels like plastic, and some feel like a mirror. So before you buy it, be sure to think about it.

However, although the glass hardness is far greater than the general metal, but it is fragile. So we must take good care of.

Although currently on the market only three 3D glass cover mobile phone, but according to the survey, the future will have more mobile phone manufacturers choose flexible displays and 3D glass cover demand is imminent. So at the beginning of the article said the iPhone 8 will be designed by 3D glass , this maybe a real news . And apple as one of the industry leader, will lead the new trend .  


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