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touchscreen fingerprint recognition solution
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Fingerprint recognition technology refers to the biometric identification technology by comparing the details of different fingerprints. At present, it is widely used in screen unlocking, financial payment and other functions of mobile terminals such as smart phones.

Traditional fingerprint recognition commonly used with an independent function module, which is usually placed in the hot area home key of smart phones. However, with the widely usage of full screen, mobile phones and other display terminals now with large function area for touches , and the home key has gradually disappeared. Users need a new fingerprint identification method. Under screen fingerprint recognition technology came into being.


Equipped with photosensitive sensor based on glass, the size of the sensor is unlimited, and the function of fingerprint unlocking and payment under the screen can be realized on the full screen.


Mobile intelligent display terminal has stepped into the era of full screen. Fingerprint recognition under screen, as an advantage technology to improve the proportion of touch screen's function area , has a broad application prospect.

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