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The structure of LCD is to place a liquid crystal box between two parallel glass substrates, a TFT (thin film transistor) on the lower substrate glass, and a color filter on the upper substrate glass. The rotation direction of liquid crystal molecules is controlled by the change of signal and voltage on the TFT, so as to control the polarized light emission of each pixel point and achieve the display purpose. As for the backlight light source, LCD display is divided into CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) and LED (light emitting diode)

OLED is self luminous, so the OLED panel structure will be simpler. OLED's full name is organic light-emitting diode, that is to say, OLED panel's light-emitting material is organic material, compared with inorganic material, organic material with short lifetime . OLED display technology has the characteristics of self illumination, using very thin organic material coating and glass substrate, when there is current passing through, these organic materials will emit light, and OLED display screen has a large viewing angle, and can save electric energy. Because of the characteristics of self illumination, OLED is more pure in black. As long as the material does not emit light, it will display black. At the same time, wide viewing angle, high contrast, low power consumption and high reaction rate are all the characteristics of OLED panel.

QLED (Quantum Dots Light Emitting Diode Display) , In fact, Qled TV is also a kind of LED TV, just using quantum dot technology to improve the display quality of key images.

QLED , this kind of technology can generate image by electric driving, without liquid crystal and backlight. It is a new type of screen technology , Qled is more like OLED, it can also self light like OLED, but the light source is not diode, but quantum dot. Quantum dots are spherical materials of nanometer size, which can't be seen by the naked eye. They will self emit under the action of voltage. In short, quantum dots are particles that emit light and change color.

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