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comparisons between LCD and OLED
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As we know , LCD needs light source, and OLED is self luminous , so OLED no need backlight part , it's reduce much weight and thickness 

LCD will never show the real black, because no matter what color is to be displayed, LED backlight is always on, when it shows black color , the screen will show a kind of gray color, not real black color and the existence of backlight will also cause the light to leak out from the gap between the screen and the frame, which is what we call the light leak phenomenon.

OLED self illumination of each pixel is not only its advantages, but also its disadvantages. Each pixel is independent, so the color is more vivid and bright , but at the same time , will cause the working time and aging degree of each pixel to be different. This causes the phenomenon of screen burning, that is, the residual image caused by uneven aging of the screen will always be displayed.

So after different application considered , we can know why OLED is more and more popular in commerical usage device , LCD is still widely used for industrial application .

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