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Three heat cooling solutions for outdoor advertising machine
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With the development of society, more and more outdoor advertising machines are applied to squares, stations, electronic bus stop , new energy charging piles, express cabinets, scenic spots, etc.

Because of the heat generated by the high brightness LCD screen and the sun's illumination, the outdoor advertising machine will easily to be black screen. To achieve a safe and stable performance, the cooling system plays a key role. Here, we will introduce three heat cooling solutions of outdoor advertising machine for you .


1. Air conditioner cooling solution:

The principle of air conditioning cooling is that there is refrigerant R134a in the compressor, which uses the gasification and liquefaction of refrigerant to bring the internal heat of outdoor advertising machine to the outside.

When the internal temperature of the outdoor LCD advertising machine reaches 35 ℃, the refrigeration gets started automatically, also the compressor can stop working when the temperature drops to 30 ℃. The use environment of the air conditioner can be completely isolated from the outside world, and the air conditioner itself has the function of dust proof and moisture-proof, so its protection level can be IP65.

Its disadvantage is that the cost is too high and machine will be big so have enough space for cooling system, besides , there is lubricating liquid in the compressor, so it can not be transported upside down.

2. Heat exchange solution :

The principle of heat exchanger is to reduce the internal temperature by adding aluminum and platinum sheets to the fan, so its cooling effect is worse than that of true ventilation for the internal temperature and the external temperature need to have a temperature difference of 15-20 ℃, in order to carry out heat exchange.

But the advantage is that it can be absolutely dust-proof and waterproof  (without dehumidification function) for convenient transportation. So it can be used in some places with low temperature all year round.

3. Forced air cooling soulution :

The principle of air cooling is that the hot air inside the outdoor LCD advertising machine alternates with the external wind to achieve cooling.

At present, the advertising machine manufacturers have developed a new type of fan speed regulating board, which can make the outdoor advertising machine cooling more reasonable, more energy-saving and environmental protection.

The above content is a brief introduction of three heat dissipation solutions of outdoor advertising machine. The internal temperature control system or internal structure design of outdoor advertising machine is not as simple as that of indoor LCD advertising machine. From product design to completion, an outdoor advertising machine needs cooperation of multiple personnel. The outdoor LCD advertising machine not only takes into account the beauty of appearance design, but also needs to be based on internal structure , Because of the heating of the high brightness screen itself and the sun's irradiation, it is easy to cause the black screen of the screen. Therefore, the heat dissipation of the high brightness screen has become the most important.


Here some our product testing pictures for your reference :


testing for high temperature , testing for facing to direct sunlight , testing for waterproof , testing for panel's brightness .

 testing for facing to direct sunlight 


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