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Floor Standing Kiosk 55 Inch


Floor Standing Kiosk 55 Inch




Resolution : 1080P /4K 

LG A+ full new original LCD screen

Support Multi-language OSD: English, Chinese etc

Power off memory,continuous previous play when power on

Auto play when power on

Timer on/off

Preset time play

File&folder editable, rename,copy,delete file etc.

Loop playback/Slide show

Background music modes,image modes,video modes (optional)

Rolling words on the screen

OS:Windows 7 and Android 5.1 option

Touchscreen:12points capacitive touchscreen

Full flate, water-proof, RFID card reader , Ticket Printer ( optional )

Network:RJ45, 3G, WIFI (optional)



Product Specification

Panel Details

Panel Brand


Panel Size

 43 47 55 65  Inch  16:9

Product Color

White , black , color is customized.

Decoding Formats

Video Format


FHD 1080P Video

YES , also 2K / 4K optional

Picture Format

JPG, BMP etc


TXT(UTF-8 format)

Audio Format


Android Network version

Version 1

Quad core 8G internal memory ,HDMI,VGA input ,USB,SD slot,WIFI,LAN,3G/4G optional

Version 2

Quad core 8G internal memory ,HDMI,VGA input ,USB,SD slot,WIFI,LAN,3G/4G optional

Version 3

Dual core 4G internal memory, HDMI,VGA input ,USB,SD slot,WIFI,LAN,3G/4G optional

Version 4

Quad core 8G internal memory ,HDMI,VGA input ,USB,SD slot,WIFI,LAN,3G/4G optional

Non-network version

Version 5

HDMI,VGA input ,USB ,SD slot,4GB internal memory

Version 6

USB,SD slot,4GB internal memory

PC version

Version 7

i3 4G RAM 500GB HDD,WIN7 OS ,flexible config

Version 8

i5 8G RAM 500GB HDD,WIN7 OS ,flexible config

Version 9

i7 16G RAM 500GB HDD,WIN7 OS, flexible config

Remarks: More modules like Touch screen, Motion sensor , built-in camera , different colors , materials are optional


Power supply cable, user manual,  remote control, keys

Temperature Details: Touch screen operating temperature:-41°C ~70°C,Storage  Temperature: -50°C ~85°C

The machine operating temperature: -4~65°C,Storage  Temperature:-7~65°C.

Main Features

1.Application fields: Public places ,shopping mall, restaurant,airport, square, commercial buidings,etc.

2.Outer shell is made of extra good quality metal material, which is painted by powder-spray craft work.

3.Support shockproof and dust proof function.

4.Adopts high transparent tempered glass (4-6 mm ) as protection layer toprevent lcd/led panel being broken or distorted.

5.Locking system for anti-thieves, prevented the storage devices ( SD/CF cards ) from being stolen.

6.Support IR Remote controller, user can use remote controller to operate the whole lcd. ( key buttons is optional )

7.Build-in speakers: 2 x 5W.         Amplifier / 3.5mm audio jack is optional.

8.Playing circles automatically when powers on

9.Allowing memory of breakpoint/AD management system.

10.Automatically generating playing list/Mixed displaying of videos,images and music.








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